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    Tape backup/restore - what's the plan


    How are you doing tape backups and restores? When I use my own local systems, I can read tape labels and know exactly which tape is in a drive. What's a good plan for working with a remote dedicated server where we'll never see the drive or the tapes?

    How do the various backup services from dedicated hosting providers work? What has your experience been with them?

    For example, some plans offer a weekly tape rotation. Assuming that's one tape per week, if my system crashes on day six after a backup, I'll have a problem. Does that mean I incrementally write (append) to the same tape and have the DC/provider swap tapes every week?

    I'm so used to doing this myself locally that I can't wrap my head around how to do this remotely.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    I know dialtone uses baclient for you to connect to their tape system over the web. You can then just select what files you want to restore and from when. Before they had that you had to open a support ticket and then would restore the whole backup onto the hard drive and then you get to hunt and peck for data.

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