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    What software do you ban ?


    Just wondering if most of you that own servers have a list of software which you ban from the servers due to either excessive resource usage or security problems.

    Found on httpme that they ban the following :

    UltimateBBS (all versions)
    Ikonboard (all versions)
    IRC Egg Drops
    Proxy Servers
    The Anonymizer
    any soap mailers

    Which also seem pretty reasonable - are there any others that you ban for a particular reason, and what's the reason ?

    Cheers, Lee

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    Does an Ikonboard really take up that many resources or are there other reasons you put it in that list?

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    Ikonboard is a cgi based system and a busy forum could easily tie up alot of resourses.

    There is a PHP version in the works (may even be out now), but convincing hosts that it's not the same thing could be tricky...
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    "We do not allow CGI chat scripts, java chat servers, or any other type of internet service or sockets program to be installed on our servers without prior permission."

    That's about it.

    If a user uses a script that hogs the resources, they will be asked to correct it, but we don't arbitrarily deny some software just because it has been known to require more resources than others.
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