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    Linux software RAID

    I've read a bit about Linux software RAID, and I'm interested in using it for mirroring (RAID1)

    Does it eat a lot of resources (CPU / memory) ?

    Has anyone experienced other disadvantages compared to hardware RAID?

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    I run software RAID 1 (mirroring) - it works great and takes little or no resources - the syncing of the two drives is done as a low priority background task.

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    Hardware RAID is always better, but then more expensive. I'm have software RAID and hardware RAID on some, no problem with software RAID so far.

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    I've dealt with software RAID level 1 in places running older versions of Linux where it still runs flawleslly.

    I've often been responsible for rebuilding the mirror after drive failures and have never had a time where any data was lost. So it's reliable. Don't be afraid to use it.

    However, hardware RAID should give you better performance.
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    Don't always assume hardward RAID is faster.

    A lot of consumer grade RAID motherboards (those with Highpoint controllers, for example) implement RAID through various software techniques that are generally slower than Linux RAID.

    All the information one should need can be found at the Software-Raid HOWTO
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    Thanks everyone for the info.

    I guess I'll try the software RAID

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