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    Lightbulb Fully Backing/Restoring a Raq 4 - If it crashes

    I've read about Veritas, web backups, manual backups and so on and I'd just like your opinion on what my idea is in using this backup utility I found on the web:

    I have cloned a clean copy of the default Raq 4 harddisk (i.e. what's inside when you open a brand new box). This includes the partition setup and so on.

    I will use a secure FTP to download the ENTIRE root directory onto a local Linux box (so that the files, directories and permissions will remain intact) into a backup directory.

    This will be done on say, a weekyl basis.

    The moment my Raq crashes/is hacked, I then format the harddisk (or get a new one), and then clone the clean copy into it

    Using the backup I've been downloading weekly, I then copy back that backup information into the Raq.

    Using this method, will my directories, crons, htaccesses, email and site setups be restored fully?

    Thanks. This was written out of my exasperation in finding a true backup procedure (since as we all know the default Raq backup sucks )

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    Did you know that there is a tool available for the raq raqbackup.
    Pretty good, for what about your option. I think the only way to find out about the working of the thing you describe is to test it.
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    As long as we are on the issue of backups. I did an all server configuration backup. Does this backup all the user passwords as well as usernames? I know it does not backup email messages. I assume it does all my DNS server stuff as well?


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