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    Raid1 VS Raid5 recommended for webhosting ????

    Really Stupid question here....

    In an ISP list I am on, someone mentioned for some unknown reason that "RAID1 is recommended for webhosting and RAID5 is better suited to Databases".

    To me, this doesnt make any sense at all. The data doesnt care what kind of RAID system it's placed on, to my mind.

    And I would assume that since you LOSE less percentage of storage for the RAID5 (RAID1--that is, Mirroring you lose one drive out of two for usable storage of 50% of the hardware, while
    a RAID5 would lose only one in three---if a 3 drive raid5 system were used) that RAID5 would ALWAYS be the best choice in terms of value.

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    You are correct. Of course raid 5 controller cards cost a lot more than raid 1.

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    Yes, I believe it does make a difference. RAID-1 is just mirroring. So whenever something is written to drive 1 a copy is put on drive 2. RAID-5 creates a parity bit for everything that is written. It takes time to calculate that parity bit. There is usually some write penality because of the parity bit.

    It's prob. not that big of an issue anymore with the RAID-5 cards etc. They offload all that work from your CPU.

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