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    get free

    Anyone else have experience with "get free"? I signed up over a month ago and signed up with all their advertisers to get 100 points. I did what they told me to and forwarded all the welcome letters and have not recieved any points. They also have a help system and they have not replied to my inquiries. I'm thinking this place is a scam.

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    It could be. Check newsgroups for more informations.
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    Looks professional though.
    IISNet Networks
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    I hope you didn't use an important email address when you signed up for all that crap.
    You'll never be able to use it now.
    I know ***** ripped off everybody else, but they wouldn't do it to me.
    "When you use bottom feed for bait, you are only going to catch bottom feeders."
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    Pretty clever scam...

    Get people to signup for a ton of advertiser things that reap the scammer $1-5 each, and then pull out.

    Amazin'. The spam you get now will definately not be worth the little savings you thought you'd get with the domain.

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    Need I say more? - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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