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    forums for hosts or resellers?

    What other forums are there? Is there any where just hosts and resellers talk?

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    The HostBuzz 'CEO List' was recently converted from an email list to a web forum: There's a registration process to keep the riff-raff out, and some relatively high-profile hosting executives are supposedly members. It's quiet right now, but just launched last week I think. Looks like a good place to discuss the BUSINESS of hosting.

    Registration is here:
    John Masterson
    Former Hosting Company Owner

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    Kevin Harris <[email protected]> - The premier forum for hosts, by hosts!

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    LOL - thanks John!

    Yeah, we don't believe in having to talk business right in front of your customers so the CEO List is member only, with almost all threads being invisible to everyone except members.

    We do have some industry "big dawgs" on the list, but can always use more chatters!

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    I really enjoyed the CEO list as a mailing list, so I am excited about the switch to a forum-based system. It looks like a great setup, sure it will catch on quick. Hope to see everyone there!
    Johnathan Brandon
    President - BeGlobal, Inc.
    jbrandon (at)

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