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    merchant account for UK biz

    im looking for a merchant account at the moment,can anyone offer any recommendations for a low cost merchant account,id prefer to pay a higher transaction fee than a monthly fee as im with worldpay and their prices are very expensive and ive found their service poor

    I made the mistake of paying too much money upfront with worldpay,im also based in UK so hopefully someone can point me in right direction,ive heard paypal is very popular and perhaps easiest to integrate into my website


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    I have heard that barclays epdq is pretty good.
    However I have never used it and I am not sure of the price.

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    I have found Worldpay to be very reliable and fast to respond to all queries/problems. However I wouldn't recommend Paypal for business transactions it just isn't suited to the hosting industry.

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    9,037 is who we use (we are UK)

    They do a no setup no monthly fee account (8% per transaction) or you can pay a small fee monthly/setup and get lower rates.

    We only got our account recently, they seem ok and you can bill in pounds sterling aswell as $ etc..
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    merchant account

    Thanks matt

    Ill check out hostcharge



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