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Thread: Red Hat 8.0

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    Red Hat 8.0

    I saw edgehost tried to install it and had a batch of problems..

    I thought 8.0 was actually supposed to be like a desktop version of Red hat that could be distributed to users/workstations like windows.

    What are your thought? Is there any reason to upgrade?
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    Hi Andrew!

    I installed it on several machines and had no problem with it it. I am not considering using it as a full time workstation machine, but may in the future.

    Still playing with applications and configurations; haven't tested it on a server platform yet.

    Let me know if you find out any more information.

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    I think you might have acquired that notion because on their website they advertise what a great new GUI they have but it is still very cabple of being a server.

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    I have loaded on serveral WORKSTATIONS as well. It is apparent that they have targeted this as a workstation upgrade. The Gnome GUI has gotten a complete overhaul and is now much more nicely integrated. I highly recommend using it on a DESKTOP system. I still use windoze mainly on my personal machine...but RH 8.0 is pushing me further in that direction.

    However, as far as a server is concerned, I don't think RH8.0 is what you want. It comes with Apache2.0 and PHP that wasn't compiled to use mysql....or atleast the 2 or 3 installs I did didn't work with mysql. Yes I know that apache, php and mysql can be a matter of fact, I already compiled them all from source and have them running nicely. However, I don't really see any improvements from a server standpoint over 7.3.
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    We have tested 8.0 on as far as a server is concerned I do not see any differences and we are continuing to use 7.3 as our standard red hat install at this time.
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    I have RH 8.0 installed on my laptop. I have not even started to look at it for a server platform, as it is way too new to consider this. As far as a personal desktop/workstation I was surprised by it's usability. I didn't like the fact that they still have not put in a working version of the nvidia drivers so I have to compile them from nvidia's website. Bluecurve is quite different and I am not sure why Redhat felt the need to take KDE and turn it in to RKDE as I call it, RedHat KDE. Gnome2/KDE look almost identical. I have since reinstalled fresh without KDE and have compiled it by source to have the real KDE on my system. Gnome2 seems to be a lot faster to use now, and overall, this is probally the best linux release for desktops that I have seen in a long time. I have heard of before but this is the first time that I have had it available to use and I really like it a lot.

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