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    Professional Sales People Wanted


    Linux Tech Networks is looking for 1 or 2 people to market our services professionally to others. Our services include system administration, technical support and helpdesk monitoring.

    This is a commission based position, and the individual will need to be familliar with methods of professional marketing and various bulletin board systems. Linux knowledge is not required, although beneficial, however WHM/Cpanel/Ensim knowledge is.

    Responsible individuals may send their resume through email, for questions, contact us through email,or any instant messenger (included in sig), or drop us a PM. Any responses in thread will be ignored.

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    Am I correct, that you are wolfstream?

    Just trying to clarify that you are the same person as your site seems to indicate so.

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    Of course,

    Not that it matters, but yes. we've been working the past few days on restructuring things in a more marketable way.

    But, what relevance does that have to the original post?

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    Good luck Linux-Tech, I'm sure thing will go on good for you

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    The relevance

    The relevance is that rather than you being considered a newbie, potential employees/sales persons and/or customers can review your previous posts and consider them in their decision making process.

    Generally, it would be beneficial as it is hard to know who you are dealing with on the internet and certainly 139 posts may provide more insight than 1.

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