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    Question Can you answer this? Gigabean members can.

    All Plans and upgrades are 10% off for the rest of this month.

    If your web host dropped the prices on their hosting plans for a month, offering a 10% discount on everything to new customers, would you receive an email letting you know that they lowered your monthly/quarterly/annual invoice by 10% too?

    There are some high integrity hosting services out there that do this type of thing and is one of them. We lock your payment, so that it will never go up. As our customers realized this month, that does not mean that it will never go down. As we continue to grow and find ways to trim costs without sacrificing quality, Gigabean passes the savings on to current family members as well as new ones.

    We have powerful plans starting at only $5.36 and the greatest reseller package around for only $20.66 (these prices include 10% discount) .
    Gigabean doesn't just try to make you happy for the first month, we guarantee your satisfaction for as long as you are a Gigabean family member.
    What do you think about hosting companies that pass out discounts and drop prices for existing customers as well as new customers?
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