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    Managed Services for Dedicated Servers


    I am currently looking for more recommendations on companies offering managed services for dedicated servers as well as support for shared hosting. I already know of boxadmin and ikiwi. Anyone else out there who is worth looking at for their services in terms of price and quality?

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    I know of boxadmin, ikiwi,, and

    Hope that helps, also if you place a request in the request forum you may get some replies. Let me know what you turn up, im also looking for a similar solution.
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    Thanks, these give me a starting point. Is or has anyone used these companies? what were the results? After I get my server setup do I really need alot of admin support? Thanks again

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    I saw a few posts in here on and they were very good remarks on them so I would search for ikiwi...everytime I emailed them with questions they replied to me within 6 hrs. I am not yet a current client but am looking into their services, and as I said they did replied within 6 hrs. I have emailed bobcares as well and he has gotten back to me pretty promply as well, boxadmin well they seem to be a bit slow on returning private msgs but I emailed today and its been about 11 hrs now without a response and actsupport never heard of em.

    But my highest recommendation is as I heard so much good about them and they truely do get back to you.

    Hope this helps

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    379 has been simply outstanding. We have been using the for about 4 months I would reccommend checking them out!

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