Dear All,
Yesterday, I was very frustrated as I thought SquirrelMail cannot support Asian languages. Since some of my demanding customers keep sending me messages and asking me 'politely" to provide solutions as soon as possible, I didnt really sleep but searching for the "solution". (My situation is: Those customers are under my email administration services. We were happy before as IMAP was our webmail service source and it supports all languages needed by my customers. But then we changed server panel and started using SquirrelMail instead.)
I was really tired, and the "dark force" in my mind keep telling me to give up as I searched through the Squirrel Mail site, I couldnt even find the languages I need (Chinese) in the "pending" list, not to mention the lists of "in progress" or "completed".
Well, my eyes were half closed. Suddenly I see a word in the "completed" list. Guess what it is? "TAIWAN" Gosh... You cant find "Simplified Chinese" there, you cant find "Traditional Chinese" there and you cant find just "Chinese" there. But you find a word "Taiwan"! Anyway, I followed the steps there and performed some modi in the email system. Now, my clients are happy and my eyes can finally close, but the "dark force" stay still... I ignore the "dark force" and insist to come here and say thanks to all of you who have given me spiritual supports by reading my post and/or giving me suggestions.
Thanks so much, Guys! (Gals)!
I love being here. Its a great place for me to learn from you all. Really hope that one day I can be skillful enough to make my contribution here by helping others with my knowledge.
P.S. Sorry for my typo and run-on.