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    I want to fill my portfolio

    Im completely new to logo design, but I want to learn, get better, and maybe have a few good pieces in my portfolio. I am offering to make 20 logos to the first 20 people who reply stating:
    name, slogan, colors, any others you might want.
    If you like the logo, you can have it for $5, if you dont.. then no hard feelings. The first 3 people will get theirs free. Thanks!

    btw.. please try to be as specific as possible on how you want the logo designed

    EDIT: also tell me the approx size you want it please
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    woohoo Im in 2nd. i get it for free =)

    name: Peter Stefansson
    colors and size: same as this:

    It should be computer-related like that one is


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    I am the last one to get it free........

    The logo's size: 125 X 60
    The website:

    create me a logo however you want, just related to the website...


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    argh did i miss out? eh well worth a shot .. we need one for a hosting site with the name Ukhs blue theme hosting related, just a small one

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    i like this one

    colors can be changed
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    yeah! wholesale

    i think i had designers block on this one
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    I like the shape on this one...

    Okay thats enough for today
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    I was kinda hoping for an improvement lol

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    heh. i know im not that good but i need to learn... and by doing this i guess im learning... i can make another not as inspired one

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    Hi eph,

    It is pretty good. But why is there a "SAMPLE" at the background??

    Thanks anyways!!

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    so nobody steals it..
    not that i dont trust u... its just a securty measure

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    Whats 'securty'? Am i loosing my knowledge of computers?
    Hostime Managed Hosting
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    Please can you do one for me too, and if we like it - we'll definitely pay for it!!!

    Company called The Magic Fish. Blue colours good!!!

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    Originally posted by whatever
    Whats 'securty'? Am i loosing my knowledge of computers?

    i made a typo

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    I have gotten a few pms, and a few more replies, I will work on some today and some tommorow.

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    Eph, I would like to see what you can do for a domain of mine - Something with a gaspump or something - you're the artist!


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    Wow... I have been falling behind in my work. I will do them all by tommorow

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    the magic fish

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    looking around for a better gas can
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