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    * Please Tell Me What You Think About My Site!

    I have bought a host and a domain, but I am not done transferring it over there. So go to

    that is just the layout for my site

    also could you give me some suggestions if you think any are needed?

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    Really, text on dark green? I didn't even realise that was actually a nav bar until I started wondering what all the images were there for.

    That's your first task - to deal with the nav links.

    You really ought to think of addressing your graphics in general - try and get a more polished look.

    Though, on saying that, your target market may yet appreciate them.

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    Looks very very kiddish.

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    well it is a site for kids!!

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    that blinking ad at the bottom is so annoying I would leave the site just because of it.

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    A few issues:

    * The green background with black text is hard to read (and blue links?).
    * Your graphics have white edges around like they were supposed to have a white background ... not sure why that is.
    * The blinking ad needs to go
    * You say this site is for kids ... what age group? Because when creating a site for kids, you need to be very simple (too simple) for kids to stay and use your site. Looking at your links, I don't even understand what the first 2 are supposed to be. There should be minimal links in your interface so whatever the point of the site is (games, chat, what?) will be prominant and easy to get to. Kids can be smart, but you still need to keep it simple.
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    Just like every other site ive cirtiqued today. To be brutally honest it sucks. Nothing personal just my opinion on the design.

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    so could you people give me any suggestions on how to make it better? Just saying it is bad doesn't help me any!

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    Originally posted by Evolve3Media
    Just like every other site ive cirtiqued today. To be brutally honest it sucks. Nothing personal just my opinion on the design.
    Patrick I think you are entitled to say what you want. But you should probally give more then to just say. "It Sucks" Maybe a suggestion on what can be improved?

    I think it looks alright, however you need to let your site blend. There is something that just doesn't make the site come together correctly. Hmmm, can't pinpoint it though.

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    I think the black on green looks fine. Either most of the people who've replied have had their eyes burned out from visiting WHT too much or they just need to invest in better monitors.

    The blinking ad is annoying and distracting... maybe have the frames slower or choose a colour that's not as bright.

    Some advice though: when you design a site for kids, it's better to ask kids rather than adults who'll just bash the site without constructive critism. is a board with most members aged between 8 to 15. You'll have better luck asking there.
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