Wouldn't you like your customers to be able to have independent verification you are providing them with the highest uptime possible?

Where you can show them daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly that they are receiving the quality of hosting service you promise?

Or when down time does occur you can accurate track the start of the down time, and when services are restored so you can work with your hosting provider on credits for you and your customers?

Would you rather your customers call you asking why the server is down, and that's how you found out? Or would you like to know within moments of the down time, so you can personally call your largest clients and explain the problem?

NTT/Verio, customers, General Motors (GM)'s product training division, and others use our Enterprise Network Monitoring system to ensure service level agreements are kept and that problem resolution occurs faster (you cannot start solving it until you know there is a problem).

Please contact our solutions team toll free at 1-888-691-9287 or via email at [email protected] to see how our monitoring solution can help you and your clients retain and grow revenue.

Thank you.