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    Anybody using weblinenet?

    Hi, was wondering in get some more feedback on the company tho must say got a very good first impression from the sales team, would like to know if anybody in here got anything good/bad to say about them!


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    Just got a server online from them today..

    Seems to be all ok

    Took some time getting it online.. but I guess it is worth the wait.. hope so anyhow

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    Please keep us updated

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    Hi! first post!

    I also signed with them yesterday.
    The support was great. They answered all my inquiries ( a lot! ) It's too soon to talk about transfer, etc. I will keep posting if it goes good (or bad!).


    Non afiliated with weblinenet, etc etc

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    post some speed tests from like uunet etc... and maybe some download files to test?

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    Thumbs up i give weblinenet a 10/10

    I have been with weblinenet for a month and a half, and I recommend them a lot

    fast support, fast servers, and reliable also

    I have downloaded from my site a .pdf of 20MB, at 600kbps from my university, and at 300kbps from my work

    so, go with them, you won't regret it

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    one more happy customer here. I have been with them for a month now and support is great, there is Always anybody there.

    Uptime server and speed have pretty values too :-)

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