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    Question Domain / Nameserver entry transfer

    I've registered a domain with and I plan to use a webhosting company to host my site (fixed IP). All infos I found indicate that you have to set the nameserver resp. for my domain at to the nameserver of my future webhosting company. Questions:

    1) As I understand the DNS concept the nameserver of could be responsible and pointing to my website. Why do I have to use the nameserver of my webhost provider? Is there any technical reason. Can they force me to use their nameserver? What if I have additional domains with another nameserver pointing to the ip address of my website. Can they check and prevent that?

    2) Is there a commercial reason for using the nameserver of the webhost provider

    3) Assuming I change the nameserver at to the nameserver of my webhosting company. If I cancel my webhosting contract, do they have any means of preventing me changing the nameserver entry at back to the nameserver of


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    As long as the nameservers are registered to point to the correct IP address, i believe you can use any nameservers. you just have to register them as being equal to your IP.

    If you've gone to yourself, with your own login, and you are the only contact in the whois, no one else should be able to do anything with your name.
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    The advantage of using the nameservers of your webhost is that they are more apt to troubleshoot problems related to your domain not resolving if they control your nameservers. If they need to change your IP address for any reason, this can also happen transparently to you.

    Neither of these is huge, but they are advantages.

    As long as you control the maintenance of your domain information at, you can always change your nameservers to anything you want.

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    Going on with what thewitt said, it is easier on you if you go along with your web host name servers. Number one you can always change them and two its just easier to fix problems and point to your domain that way. I would rather use a web hosters name servers than use godaddy's or a registrar.
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