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    * Blue Design

    Hi everyone,
    I would appreciate if you could take a couple of seconds to review this site. Constructive criticizition and inputs highly appreciated!

    Here are the screenshots!

    Thanx in advance
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    screenshot #2

    Here is how the bottom part looks like...
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    Aw, come on - at least make the effort to put it all into a single graphics file.

    Looks interesting, but see above.

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    yes sir...

    It will look something like this, i just combined the two pix quickly!
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    Not too bad of a desgin. But any time you have to take 2 screenshots to show just the front page, that's not a good sign. For the amount of information on the site, you shouldn't have to scroll down that far. I'd work on maybe resizing the header area (looks quite large, and this is a reduced screenshot). Also, in your wording, I'm not sure if you're trying to come across as a "business" or not, but if you are don't use "I", use "we". Using I sounds like an individual, which many large and small businesses don't like and will dismiss you right away.
    Kevin Hauge
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    In layout #1, I would highly recommend taking out the marble-style bground. No offense, but that type of effect is pre-1998 web graphic design.

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    I like the marle BG personally., I suppose it's Taste

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