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    Game Dedicated servers $50/mo!

    Hi, I am currently running a special on dedicated gaming servers the deal is as follows:

    Counter-strike Server:

    +100mbps Line Cogent Bandwidth, Unmetered game transfer
    +100mb clan site storage
    +2gig transfer
    +20 Person Game Server
    +Admin Mod
    +Psycho Stats
    + HLGuard
    + Custom Mod's you want us to install!

    ONLY $50/mo Add $5 for 1-5 custom mods or $10 for 6-10 mods

    If you would like another type of server with another game, if it is a free dedicated server than we can install it for $10 setup for other games like Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, etc. still only $50/mo with the additional $10 setup

    Heres a test IP:

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    unmetered game transfer.. but then 2 gig transfers?


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    Originally posted by faculty
    unmetered game transfer.. but then 2 gig transfers?

    Probably for the web site. That way peopel dont sign up with him just to take advantage of the web hosting and go through 400GB a month of http bandwidth.

    Hardware specs?

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    Well from I what see listed is the game bandwidth is unmetered.And on the 100mb of space for your website is limited to 2gb a month.That is smart idea because if you have website that using a large amount of bandwidth and game using a decent amount of bandwidth the game would suffer due to alot of bandwidth is being using for a website.

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    Hardware specs:

    1.8ghz machine
    512mb ram
    40gig hard drive
    Running Linux Redhat 7.3

    Hey clocker & DD-SNC... didn't you read the moderator post? If your going to put down someones post, dont post at all! I get good pings with this connection and most places charge 100-300/mo for a 20 person game server.

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    I'd think that you'd want to provide a IP with a game server on it for people to test out...

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    To my server on a cogent line, I am currently seeing ping times 2-3 ms lower than, and 10 less than WHT.

    Always keep in mind the self righteousness of hosts who feel more money equates to quality. Remember also that those hosts would likely be glad to give you less than what's offered for more than what's quoted. - Free domain and cobranded hosting. Add free hosting to your pay host to increase your customer base.

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    Originally posted by faculty
    unmetered game transfer.. but then 2 gig transfers?

    2 gig transfer for http transfer way i read it

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