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    Exclamation Dedicated Window Server for under $140

    Please look over my homework.

    I have researched this and other sites and I have come up with the following dedicated windows servers. We must have Windows server because our program has been done in ASP and Visual Basic.

    1.7 GHz Celeron
    40 GB
    512 MB
    600 GB

    Single Celeron 1.2 GHz
    60 GB
    512 MB
    300 GB

    I need your valued opinion before I make a commitment.

    * Are the reliable and respectable companies?
    * Are the there loop holes or catches?
    * Do you know if these are monitored or managed server? (A sales man put the fear of God in me)
    * Have I left out a company whose prices are competitive that you think deserves to be looked at?

    Any advice you could give would be helpful.

    [email protected]

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    I would do a search on WHT for both companies. My vote would go for Fastservers

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