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    * Help!!! Clients local languages no longer supported in the new webmail system

    Dear all,

    I have a major problem rite now with the webmail system. Our services include "Email Administration Service" for our clients so they can have their dedicated email addresses and be able to use their email on web basis (webmail). They were happy when we were using IMAP, which supports all the local languages from our clients. But now, we have a serious problem as most of their local languages are no longer supported after we changed from IMAP to another webmail program due to the change of our server panel. I really need to some suggestions from you all. Have anyone of your got the same hardship as I am facing right now? I tried to ask my clients to install a simple email client program (such as outlook, etc), but most of them refused to do so as they were used to the convenience of using webmail. They just demand us to provide solutions shortly. Meanwhile, it's seems not possible for us to change our server panel back to the last one. Anyone have good ideas/ solutions for me, please?

    Really thanks a million for all of your concerns.

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    Hi Girgio,
    What langauges do you need to support? Im guessing by your name its Itialian

    What server panel are you using?

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    Dear Eurofficial,

    Thanks for your concerns. Most of our dispute customers are from Asian countries. While most of the European languages are working fine with the new webmail system, Asian langauages are not supported. Current panel is Ensim with Squxxxxmail.

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    Neomail which comes with CPanel supports 17 languagaes. It can be downloaded at sourceforge.

    Horde which comes with CPanel supports 22 languages.

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