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    Merchant Resellers?!?!?

    I need a merchant or 3rd party payment processor other than revecom that will allow me to resale their services under my name or an anonymous name.. can anyone make some suggestions please?!

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    Wouldnt it be better to get your own merchant account, alot of times, when I see unknown companies on my statement, 99% of the time, i personally go into panic mode (well u know...heart starts racing) and then i think someone got ahold of my card...then i call the bank, and while Im on hold, I find the charge....then hang up...

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    I want the ability to be able to offer credit card processing to my clients, do you know of any solutions for this..

    It does not have to be anonymous, it could be under our biz name, etc..
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    Oh IC...theres many companies out there, the best thing to do is shop around companies with the lowest rates..and then see if they have a reseller system setup. 99% of the time, they will just have a referral system setup...where someone clicks on your link and it goes to their merchant pages...

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