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    CA , US.
    Willing to do it.

    Portfolio :

    Price : $40 (for logo that includes a slogan of your choice) - Will provide 3 or more different logos to choose from.


    Once you commit to us we will show you several demos

    While Committing please provide the following information :-

    Logo Text
    Logo Image/Picture (if its an image like sphere, circle, box, lines, curves, just tell us , we'll make different designs of them)
    Slogan Text ( we can try ours too)
    Logo Size
    Logo Colors - What colors do you prefer (text and image)
    Logo Theme - What kind of theme would you like
    Any other comments

    Regarding us (you saw the portfolio)

    Standard Business Terms
    We work fixed price or time and materials or cost plus.

    Payment terms for Fixed Price. - PayPal accepted.
    a. 50% - due upon project startup.
    b. 50% - due upon completion project and files being transferred to the Client specified and acceptance of the work by the Client.

    Turnaround times vary, depending on effort, and will be discussed in detail prior to contract/project award.

    MSN : [email protected]

    You are free to PM me and discuss the details over here on WHT's PM or on MSN.

    I am very excited in doing this logo for you and hope to hear from you soon

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    Im very interested in this project.
    I can develop a few a concepts for you to choose from
    to guarantee you are fully satisfied with the design.

    I have plenty of experience and talent. You can review
    my potfolio at

    You can contact me via:
    eMail : [email protected]
    AIM : PixelDaze
    ICQ : 166483866

    Thank you for your time, I look forward to your response.
    Best Regards,
    Jeff @ PixelDaze Studios

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    Iam ofcoarse intrested as well, i'll send u some logo's tonight, iam still working on my portfolio site, so i'll just create u some logo's and we'll just see if u like them or not

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    Okay, i just had some spare time and created 2 'logo's' tell me if u like them, or some changes u want.

    Here's nr1
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    And nr2

    Ofcoarse more to come
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    nr3, i don't really, like it, but maybe u do
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    Logo design

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