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    (Hard Reboot ) on remote control,


    I am not sure of I am right, but this is wat I want to do:

    I need to put a server to gether and I dont know what type of motherboard I need

    I want use a APC-power-master-switch to turn my server on/off (Hard Reboot ) on remote control, so do I need a special motherboard? is it wake on line or is it somthing else? Is it UPS ?

    If you dont understand me please klik here

    I am sure its not wake on line but what is it? cobalt raqs have also such an support and many other servers too.

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    Your post comes across as you are going to be using the APC remote reboot unit to bring your machine up and down when you need it.

    Any motherboard will work fine, it's BIOS just needs to support the feature which enables it to power back up after power loss.

    Alternatively if you want to limit access to your machine at specific times of the day, you can just enable & disable to port your machine is connected to.

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    tnx so much voor your replay.

    What is power "back up after power loss" called in bios? is there a special name there for?

    TNX again,

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    Check under the power management section in your BIOS. There should be a setting that let's the machine know what to do after a power loss.

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    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank YOU!!!!!!

    It works now.

    You was a real help.:

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