Hey everyone, p8o Hosting is finally launched with a great collection of introductory plans and deals.

Special Deal: If you mention in the comments field at account setup that you come from WHT you will get 50meg of bonus space for LIFE! So, what are you waiting for? Signing up!

Forum Hosting
A 10,000 Post Invision Board
$2.95/month (Less with pre-pay)

Mini Hosting
100Mb Space
2Gb Bandwidth
$4.95/month (Less with pre-pay)

Basic Hosting
200Mb Space
8Gb Bandwidth
$10.95/month (Less with pre-pay)

Intermediate Hosting
400Mb Space
11Gb Banwidth
$13.95/month (Less with pre-pay)

Intermediate Hosting
600Mb Space
14Gb Banwidth
$15.95/month (Less with pre-pay)

All plans with full information is listed on our plans page.

p8o provides decent hosting at a good price, so we'll be here in the years to come while others are over packing machines with hundreds of users. Our plans are affordable and come with everything you need.