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    Unhappy - Unable to cancel account...

    I tried to contact since August to cancel my account (email + helpdesk + forum). But up till today, I can still login to my account and my credit card is, of course, charged for 2 months more.

    What have I done in this 2 months

    28-8-2002 Open new Help desk ticket about cancellation. No response.

    *Charged sep's fee*

    6-9-2002 Open new Help desk ticket again.

    7-9-2002 Send them Email. No response.

    10-9-2002 They reply my helpdesk ticket (after nearly 2 weeks....) but unable to login to help desk at that time. Always cookie error. Discover the response on 1-10-2002.

    10-9-2002 Forum. No response.

    14-9-2002 Resend Email. No response.

    Tired, and my time was occupied by other events. Thought they must get my request and cancel my account at the end of Oct. So start waiting.

    *Charged oct's fee*

    1-10-2002 Account still there. Angry and open a thread here to complaint them. But then discover the previous help desk response. So I asked admin to remove the thread and reply to that help desk ticket (Actually I give them my name and some other details in the email, so they can cancel my account base on that information, but anyway, I reply to that ticket and wait)

    4-10-2002 Still no response from that help desk ticket. Forum again.

    13-10-2002 Still No response........Still can login to my ftp........

    Don't know what should do..... I've joined several hosting companies before but none of them ignore me when I say "please cancel my account"......

    My only advice - KEEP AWAY FROM HOSTCULTURE.COM.....

    The most terrible thing is joining a hosting company that keep on charging your credit card even you don't want their service anymore.......

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    49 charges me for 6 months more, and i only used there service for 3 days, plus they took off with the domain name i paid for.

    watch out for them to!
    Marcus Brown

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    sorry to hear about your problems melissa, im sure this is just a fluke as HC usually keeps up with this stuff

    try PMing or emailing hostculture's reps(coowners) via WHT:

    Aaron's membername is RelyC

    and Jorge's membername is Jedito

    I'm sure one of the two should be able to help you out.

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    Hello Mellisa

    I was checking in our help desk, and we don't have a single ticket unanswered, neither can't help you much without knowing which its your domain, I don't usually handle this things, I do more support than billing, but I'll try to do all that I can to fix this inconveniences.
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    This is very strange, we do occasionally have problems with PaySystems not registering that we cancelled the billing.

    Please send the OrderIDs of both charges (they can be found in the emails you received) to my personal email and I will take care of it.
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    I've send my account details to Relyc's email.
    Please cancel my account and refund. Thank you very much.

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