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    Wanted Hosting Partners for a Domain Registration site !


    Our Main Product is Domain registration of top TLD's and newly lunched TLD's like .info, .name, .us and other new TLD's !

    Our new service is yet to be launched, which is under design stages at the moment ! The launch should happen in another 10 days time.

    We are interested in partnering with hosting companies offering the following services :

    1. Shared Hosting
    2. Virtual Hosting
    3. Reseller hosting
    4. SSL Certificates

    We'd want our partners to be reliable in the services they offer.
    We also prefer a different company as our partner for each of the services/products mentioned above.

    Our partners will be charged on a monthly basis !

    What will our Partners get ??

    1. On our Homepage, some info about your hosting plan/service with a Link to a detailed page of your company's services on our site.
    2. The detailed page will have any info that you'd like to tell your customers with signup links taking the potential customer to your site/particular page of your choice !

    If any of you are Interested in such an offer, please get send me a Private Message ... PM here !

    We can also give you more details upon reciept of your Pm with your Interests mentioned.Feel free to ask us any queries, you should have ?


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    Sounds intresting. What is your site? Please contact me at

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    What about a access provider partner? I might be interested in doing that.
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    Originally posted by labgeek
    What about a access provider partner? I might be interested in doing that.
    Do you mean ISP services ??

    Actually I wouild like to stick to related services here !
    Well, I could offer you a microbutton with the mention of special partners on our homepage ! would you be Interested in such a deal, let me know ??

    loucian, I'll check your site and services and will get in touch with you, meanwhile, if you should have any further queries, PM me. regarding our site name, I'll let you know, in my mail/Pm to you !

    One more thing, I'd like to mention here is, we will decide on the partners in a couple of days time, meanwhile, please reply to this thread here if you should be Interested or send us a PM !


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    We might be able to help, please send further details.

    Best Regards
    Adam Heavens
    Server Centre Limited (
    Exchange 2007 Hosting, Windows/Linux Hosting

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    Hello all,

    We have recieved quite an impressive responsive to our partnership proposal.We wholeheartedly thank you for the same.

    We have sent a reply to All those who have expressed their interest to partner with us. more details will be sent to you soon.

    Further, if any of you should be interested, do get in touch with us.

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    Our Partnership page with all the info is up !

    Those who are interested in partnering with us,please take a look at it here :

    Pick the category and level of partnership that suits your company's products and/or services and write to us !
    The rest of our site is yet under development.


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