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    Half-Life Game Server need hosting

    I'm looking for someone that can host a gameserver that is in europe or that is on a fast connection in the US.I need ping times 60 max from UK/Germany.I will need FTP access to upload mods and SSH access to admin the gameserver.
    I'm going upto about $80 max per month.The server needs to be public and about an 18 man server.

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    Their servers ping at 150ms from UK,also I'm sure that their Dallas,Texas servers are RackShack and I already have a RackShack server but pings are terrible.

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    Wrong forum, try the 'Web Hosting Requests' thread.

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    I didn't really see this as a Web Hosting reuqest but I've posted it there anyway.

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    We currently have over 8 servers with them.

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