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    How to add bulk reseller in WHM ?!


    How can I add a bulck reseller in WHM, where I could give a big chunk of disk space and bandwidth and he divide and resell it ?!


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    You have to create a normal cpanel account for the reseller, but you must assign it an IP - it must be IP based and not name based.

    Then, in WHM, under "Server Setup", click on "Reseller Center" and from there you can upgrade the account to a reseller account and also set up the WHM permissions of the reseller account.

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    This is what I did. But can I make it a bulk reseller where he resell part of his own plan (space & bw) not just reselling new independent accounts. ?

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    Like freakysid told you, you can click on Reseller Center then Edit your reseller privileges, you have to allow him to create new package if you want him to be able to resell his own plans
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