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    Hello All,

    Just wondering after seeing so many posts for offers in resellers area. Most of the posts come from companies having servers in HE, NAC, Rackshack.

    Haven't come across any people with servers in VDI or Rackspace or BurstNet. Why do guys with servers based in VDI or Rackspace or Nocster don't come on this forum or am i missing on something which i donot know.

    I believe that NAC, HE are real good datacenters but so are VDI and Rackspace.

    Can i anyone share a thought

    Thanks in advance,

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    Rackspace = Expensive

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    Yes, Rackspace is expensive... it's the upper end of the market. It's a completely different market to what's offered here. Everyone here looks for the cheapest package with the most features and bandwidth/space for their money. But the quality of the package won't be very good, the overall uptime will drop... whereas if you paid a bit more and went with servers at Rackspace or VDI, then you'll get better uptime. Uptime is an important factor when hosting websites. If your website is down while a potential client is wanting to view it, you'll lose the client since you're not even capable of having a website that works, let alone running a business of whatever the business does .

    Alan Ho
    Former Systems Administrator

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    cheap is not always business worthy

    i agree that rackspace & vdi are expensive, but i am sure a lot many people who have good clients will go for them i mean if you see,, they sell very expensive on rackspace or for that matter is too expensive.

    So if we have guys on rackspace/vdi/burstnet with better offers i think there should be plenty of people to do business with them

    if i get 99.99% confirmed and am sure that server will not go down, why would n't by client pay me more.

    if you go for very cheap prices, the guy cannot offer services and uptime, which become so important for corporate websites.

    any rackspace or vdi resellers are welcome to post their offers at least!!!


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