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    IP list

    Anyone know of an ongoing list of IP's that may be potential threats? I know these can change quickly, so not sure if this is possible.
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  2. #2 is a very large list that i have compiled over the years.

    FYI: if you subscribe to the list, all i ask in return is you accept the mailing list (which i send updates to) and you contribute to the list
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    As in a source for attacks/crackers? All of them.

    Stay current on patches, updates, subscribe to CERN, find a good security pro and pay them to lock down your box if you don't know how.
    Avoid Windows anything.
    And don't piss off skript kiddies on IRC or forums.

    All skills and resources are worthless in the face of a 14 year old with nothing better to do than attack a network.
    GUI admin tools have no honor. It is a good day to vi.

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