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    Um I need some training

    I am just a rookie sales rep as of now. But within the next couple of years I figure that I'd probably want to open up a business of my own and I should start with lessons now. So by the time I actually decide to get a server or reseller plan I will be ready for action. I just want to know the basics first and then on to little harder things and little by little I could learn. I feel this is a good idea and that it will help me a lot and maybe even other members. We could call it like the school of running a webhosting biz I just want to learn guys so please someone help a little bit at least. Thanks

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    actually, you should spend some time in Barnes & Noble and read some things or order some books like
    (Web Hosting
    by Carl Burnham)
    You could learn a lot more that way. The business end of it is at least as important as the technical side of it. Marketing, accounting, small business information, etc.
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    Definitely read. Subscribe to some free IT industry mags -- Infoworld, eWeek, WHMag, HostingTech, etc.

    Webhostingtalk is a great resource, as are,, newsgroups, mailing lists. There's a wealth of free, accessible information about IT, and...

    the world could use more sales reps who know what they're selling and how it works.

    Good luck!
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