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    Talking - Terrific!

    I would just like to share something with you guys about this great company.

    They have absolutely outstanding support. They are avail. all the time! I have had no problems with their service and they go right out of the way to help me out with any problems which may arise!

    They care for their customers, no matter how many servers that customer has, and I think that is a terrific thing!

    I would recommend them to any person looking for a dedicated server solution. While they dont have servers avail. all that much, it is well worth the wait! If you want a tip, email them asking if they have any ready.. they usually have a few waiting around.. it seems they just dont advertise it as people like myself are asking for another server each week!

    Although they did have an IP shortage, it is safe to say in IMO that it was not their fault - they were waiting on ARIN. So all in all I would give them a 10/10 rating!

    If you have any questions feel free to ask..

    - Anth

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    yeah, is a good dedicated service provider
    I have servers at: NetDepot/GNAX (A), SoftLayer (A), LiquidWeb (B+), DedicatedNow (B+), Nectartech (B) and more!

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    I can second what faculty said.
    Cheap Web Hosting - Multiple Domain Hosting - Reseller Hosting - Virtual Private Server

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