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    How can I transfer my domain from to

    Dotster been trying for over 2 weeks now but no luck. they said they keep denying their request. I email namezero but they never reply to my email . My namezero domain is paid for and it will expire on march but im not trying to have it on namezero. I want it to be a normal domain, not a forwarding domain url. Only way I can get the domain hosted instead of it being forwarded is through their affiliated company and I dont want that because I a dedicated server. I dont know whats their problem or maybe they not trying to transfer it. I dont wanna pay $34 yearly since thats how much it cost now. I can't even find a phone number to call them up. They only have email support for their plus members.

    Please help


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    Check to make sure that the Registrar Lock isnt turned on.

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    how do I know if the register lock is on or not?

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    There should be an option in the control panel.

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    namezero dont have that option.

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