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    * Bandwidth Rollover

    Bandwidth Rollover from Referable.Com

    Referable.Com has announced Bandwidth Rollover today, Friday October 11th, 2002.

    Unused bandwidth “rolls over” on a month to month basis, allowing customers to use bandwidth they didn’t require the month before on their next month without paying extra.

    The benefits of this program for customers are as follows:

    -- Ease of Use --
    No hassles paying overage fees on time to avoid account suspensions typical of the industry in overage cases.

    -- Cost Savings --
    Cut On Overage Fees, as well as a cut on administrative fees by Referable.Com’s staff which is passed on to customers through maintained low prices.

    Bandwidth is paid for with an account every month, but at the end of the month any unused bandwidth is lost.

    If you have 5,000 Megs of transfer included with your plan and you only use 4,000 Megs of it, the next month you will have 5,000 Megs PLUS an extra 1,000 Megs from the month before. This way if you go over your bandwidth allotment by 1,500 Megs the next month you only have to pay for 500 Extra Megs.

    Extra bandwidth is rolled over on a month-to-month basis, and bandwidth that has already been rolled over and is not used is not eligible for rolling over a second time.

    An example of the program is included in this chart. We assume you have a package that comes with 5,000 Megs of bandwidth. Savings is based on one-gigabyte increments of bandwidth at $3.50/Gig, a fair industry average.

    Month Available Used Rolled Over Paid Use Savings
    One 5,000 3,000 2,000 $0.00 $0.00
    Two 5,000 + 2,000 4,000 1,000 $0.00 $0.00
    Three 5,000 + 1,000 6,000 0 $0.00 $3.50
    Four 5,000 + 0 1,000 4,000 $0.00 $0.00
    Five 5,000 + 4,000 8,000 0 $0.00 $10.50
    Six 5,000 + 0 7,000 0 $7.00 $0.00

    [This chart may not be readable due to restrictions in posting online. Please visit for an easy to read chart.]

    In this example total over-usage on bandwidth was six gigabytes, but the overage charges paid were only for two gigabytes. This is a savings of $14.00, or 66%.

    Referable.Com is proud to be leading the web hosting industry with their unique initiatives like Bandwidth Rollover. Built on Trust, Honesty, and Reliability, Referable has earned its reputation through years of honest business practice.
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    Travis Doherty
    Web Hosting Services

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    For those who have been asking, this plan comes on all of our standard accounts RC100 through RC500.

    It is not available on special offer packages at this time.
    Travis Doherty
    Web Hosting Services

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