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    Nameserver setup on Ensim 3.1.1

    Hey Guys,

    Okay, so I bought Ensim 3.1.1 and have it installed with RH7.2. Now I cant figure out how to setup Ensim to let me run my own nameserver.

    I created the zone for, and added an A record for with the server ip, and an A record for with another ip. When I go to the BIND configuration and try to edit the Primary Master Name Server to make it, it doesnt work. Says:
    Result : Unable to update Primary Master!
    The following error occured:
    Cannot find valid A record:
    Failed to set Primary Master name
    Original Message:
    Failed to set Primary Master name

    Cannot find valid A record:
    Same thing when I go to add the secondary nameserver.

    Cant figure it out. Please help!!!


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    Hi David,

    You need to create a name server record for your domain name before enter it to your Ensim box not an "A record".

    "A record" is different than a "name server record", depends or your domain registrar control panel there are different ways of creating a name server record based your domain name.

    But the most common way ( method) is to just add the dns that you want to create to your own domain name (it mind sound stupid but believe me it will work)


    go to your domain control panel and add the following your DNS: ( your own domain) ( your own domain)

    and give at least 48 hours to propagate and it should work.

    but if your domain registrar is Tucows, go to your domain control panel clink on change DNS and the very bottom you will see a link that says "create a name server base on this domain" and add your record like ns1 or ns2

    Hope this help

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    I've already registered the nameservers with my registrar. I had this all up and running with Webmin, but now that I wiped the box and install Ensim I cant get Ensim to let me put in the nameservers.

    - David.

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