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    Member that laptop promotion? :)

    For every 70 signups one person gets a laptop


    If you are thinking, hmm, that could be an OK deal:

    "<AB> think of it this way
    <AB> left and right
    <AB> on the left we have 1
    <AB> on the right we have 70 people
    <AB> on the left we have 2 now
    <AB> on the right we have 140 people
    <AB> 4 vs 280
    <AB> 256 vs 17920
    <AB> okay but listen
    <AB> 17,920 must all pay before you get a laptop"

    Just thought it was an interesting thing

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    A free laptop for signing up if you are in some order?

    I think I would avoid that host like the plague.

    (Thats kind of like the banks giving away free toasters back in the 1980' they could screw you on service fees, etc)

    I could understand giving away a laptop for the 500th user or something clear like that....but any policy that I need a slide rule and a flowchart to follow sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.

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