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    Would anyone have reservations

    with hosting at I don't care too much about price, so don't say that they are expensive and could get more for less at some other company with less reputation. I want to hear if anyone had/has problems with their hosting. I think I have been burned enough, my pants are still smokin.

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    I have never heard a bad thing about them.. Might want to do a search and see if anything comes up but they are one of the better known hosts around here with a pretty good reputation. Good luck

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    I wouldn't call pair expensive in the least... they are probably the cheapest of the large hosts. (I mean hosts with 50,000 + customers...).

    Great services and they are time proven... been around since 1996 and profitable from day 1. You really can't go wrong with them.

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    Pair is a host thats been around forever. As far as I am concerned they are the first web hosting business to have their own data center and do everything themselves, with no outside investments, etc. They grew slow and steady, and that's a good business plan.
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