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    Question Need to host/mirror bi-coastal sites

    Due to problems with traffic coming through San Jose, CA, we are exploring how to have two sets of servers, one set per coast. I would like to know if anyone has done this, and if so, how they did it?

    We would like to keep at least the same url's (if we could keep the same ip addresses for the sites, even better). We want to keep the changes synchronized from one server to the other, and use load balancing or send the user to the closest site.

    Is this a pipe dream or is it doable?

    To verify the traffic issues, use the following:

    VisualWare Live Demo

    Select Virginia. Enter Look at the results.
    Go Back. Select Australia. Enter the same address. Look at the results through San Jose. Very bad. We have had customers to complain that sites are not accessible, slow times, etc. However, when the traffic does not go through San Jose, it is acceptable.
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    Good question. I don't know if there is a poor man's way of doing this so I'll be interested to see if someone has an idea.

    Big businesses use companies like Akaima (sp?) that have "edge servers" which handle this. I don't know if everyone knows this, but basically Akaima has servers in ISP's and big data centers all over the world. If they have one at your isp, and you type in, (and Akaima has as an account), then you will actually get data off of the Akaima server instead of off of the home server. This saves the ISP money by not having to use its bandwidth out on the internet and it is a big service to because everyone is not hitting their one server. Akaima handles all of the server syncing so is the same (or close to it) all over the world.

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    We are on the east coast - specifically upstate NY. Any thoughts on doing a round robin DNS or maybe going with a load balancer like an F5 box at your main location?

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