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    I thought I might join the masses and plaster my name and work out there as well.

    I personally am interested in developing custom static websites; no specific industry in mind. However, several in my company have several years experience with eCommerce or other data driven sites. I do not ask for 'Site Designed by....' to be inlcuded on your site or in the code; merely wish to include it in my portfolio. I would prefer not to maintain the site at all, but can do that for an extra charge.

    Some examples of my recent work can be found at:
    The Creation Cafe and Dubtastic, which is a personal graphic playground.

    Serious inquiries should contact me through the Creation Cafe site. Please do not send me PM's or ask for AIM/ICQ. Either I, or my boss will contact you with pricing.

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    "The more famous I get, the more I am tolerated, albeit with some head-shaking"
    - H. R. Giger

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