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    Anybody know where I can get something like this ?

    Hi there

    I want to know if anybody know where i can get a program like the FAQ one on this website.

    I like the way it deals with things but find this companys scripts are full of bugs.

    If you can create such a program for free would be nice but if it costs, (not a lot) I may consider paying for it.

    It must have all the facilities this one has, as I said I do like what it does and how it does it, I dislike the bugs and slowness of it though.

    I look forward to your thoughts on this.

    PS: If this is in the wrong forum please PM me or if the MOD can move it to the revelant one please let me know where it has been moved too.


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    You can find an FAQ Engine at

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    69 has a program called FAQ Mentor which has many of the same features. It looks real easy to do though.
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    Hi Bojangles,

    There is a pretty good faq engine at SmartCGI's site.

    Hope this helps.


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