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    Question whats more important in terms of hardware?

    Alright, I think my last question before I can make my final decisions. So... I'm hosting two of my own sites on a dedicated server soon. Both use php/MySQL almost entirely, although one isn't very busy of a site and doesn't use much in terms of resources.

    The other site is becoming more busy, but is still holding up OK on a shared server, but will need to be upgraded soon. Also, when I do get this dedicated server I will be starting my hosting biz (noted in a few other threads around here) and reselling the extra space/bandwidth on my server.

    So... I have a few options when it comes to CPU power and amount of RAM. I'm looking at a PIII 1.2 ghz or a P4 2.4ghz... and also half a gig of ram, or possibly 1 gig of ram.

    So, my question is.. would it be sufficient to have the p3 with half a gig.. or is CPU power more important and I should spend the extra on that? Or stick with the p3 and just upgrade the ram? I've build many computers over the years, but have no real experience when it comes to server specs and what they are capable of. Obviously, the best solution would be the p4 with as much ram as I can.. but I need it to be affordable.

    So, in terms of bang for your buck and offering quality hosting for not only my own sites, but some clients, what would you recomend?


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    so nobody here has any hardware knowledge of the servers they run and maintain?

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    RAM, RAM and more RAM (and maybe an SCSI harddrive if you're going heavy on mySQL/php). If you have the choice between 512MB of ram or 1024MB, go for the 1024MB. Either processor should do the job, though the P4 would (hopefully) come with DDR ram, which would be better.

    I am also told that the latest P4's run very nicely, not like the old ones.

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    Thanks, yeah upgrading to a gig of ram is something I can afford fairly easily. I tried pricing out some SCSI solutions... hmm, that may be a bit tougher to justify the initial cost, but I will have to see how the numbers play out. Thanks!

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    The P3 can definitely get the job done. As Tazzman said, get more RAM instead of getting the P4.

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    Me too: P3 with 1 GB. SCSI would be nice, too.

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