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    MTA + Imap with virtual domains support

    Hey there,

    I currently use a qmail, courier-imapd, vpopmail setup for all my mailing-server needs. However, lately qmail starts to behave strangely has it queues up mails, but doesn't deliver them :\

    what I was wondering now... what are your suggestions for a good (=fast, reliable, system-ressources-friendly) setup, to support multiple (virtual domains), and eventually manage them via a webinterface (like for example... qmailadmin does..)

    i do need the mta + imap server combo, pop3 is not needed/wanted...

    cheers & thanks in advance,

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    Qmail + Courier-IMAP + Vpopmail is already an excellent solution. Maybe you can give some more details with the problem you are having with your current setup and someone can help you find the problem. Any error messages in your log files? Is it any particular to or from domains that aren't being delivered?

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