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    Question Help to make 4 into one

    Hi All,

    I've been reading this forum alot lately, and enjoy and how the experienced moderators and other contributors keep a check on spamming and sly ways of advertising by 'newbies' and 'relative newbies'.
    I need a cheap host, and have narrowed my choice down to 4 companies in my price range. I recognize you get what you pay for. PLease those that either are or have been with these hosting companies or those with decent experience in the virtual hosting world contribute only, since it will help me and other new guys to this forum.

    1> cheap and cheerful...and answer phones
    2> of board and address is near to where I live,never answers phones though
    3> heavily investing on this forum they recognize they have to get it right otherwise the forum could turn against them, no phones
    4> good though no phone numbers

    A concise reply would be sincerely appreciated, as these providers have roughly what I am looking for, but my only problem is choosing which one in terms of customer service and reliability....btw i'm based in London( if it matters to anyone).

    Thanks in Advance


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    Looking at jsut a host for a site or for you to resell with?

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    just want to host a simple site, nothing too fancy

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    Not sure if this helps but maybe also look at: They have a comprehensive list of UK based hosts.

    ( in the game??)

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    the game of the 21st century

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    I have heard talk of this game before, Where can I find info? (Hate to think I am missing out on something)
    Adam Heavens
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    I believe it originated in India. Pretty sure my ancestors used to play it lol

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    always nice speaking to a fellow desi!?

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    always nice speaking to a fellow desi
    Yep, I sure am.

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    going back ito my initial query, I've narrowed it down to spenix and alphaomegahosting, and the only real difference is the control panel between ensim and cpanel......please advise your pennies worth to which host you lean toward and why?

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    although you've said you've narrowed it down...b/c i haven't read any opinions on this thread...

    I thought i might throw in my 2 cents.
    Dot5hosting...i've been with them for just over a month and am very happy. The support has been great. I haven't tried any other of the companies on your list, but I'm happy with dot5 and am happy to recommend them.

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    Thanks for ur recommendation, deeply appreciated it

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    Originally posted by kabbadi_CEO
    Thanks for ur recommendation, deeply appreciated it
    Who did you decide to go for in the end?
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    "We look after our customers, or someone else will"

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    well no one yet, since this thread has only one recommendation so far, and have just revised( increased their prices)....but I i'm leaning toward, in th meantime, i'm building my pages on the local harddisk.

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