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Thread: UK-US Routing

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    UK-US Routing

    Is this a common pitfall for isps worldwide?

    Ive got two sets of bandwidth, one by cogent[okay expect crapness] and another set thats done through internap [supreme bandiwdth?]

    YEt the speeds from the UK are unbearably slow, packet loss and everything.

    Though if I do a test to the internap from another US server, the internap is as fast as the remote peer.

    the access times from the UK never go faster than say 160ms, yet in the US, I can easily pull less than 20ms.

    The transfer rate, per connection(if I start multiple transfers I get higher speeds) are like as bad as 30KB/sec, yet ive been able to transfer at 18MB/sec at some quiet periods when doing an intersite transfer in the US->US.

    Its causing me endless grief with doing radio streams that drop like I dont know what!

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    It does depend on where your box's are in the USA. Are they east coast? or West?

    Is it just your ISP with the problem or another?

    Our servers are colocated at NAC.NET - they have direct UK peering and so are excellent in terms of ping/traceroute/downloads.

    Supply maybe an IP to traceroute?

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    Okay, though my host is down at the moment[internal network router blow out], you can still trace it to almost the very end - Main IP for cogent bandwidth. - Main IP for internap bandwidth.

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    Oh yeah, multiple UK ISPS' with identical problems.

    Im currnently on Entanet which we have a 2mbit E1 from and have been recently rated ISP of the month by a certain magazine.

    My home ISP is, all my mates on different isps, all with the same result, over 160ms access times any time of the day or night.

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