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    Advertising - Malaysia's top website

    Want to know if anynone interested

    Advertise on malaysia's top website with more than 1.5 milion page view per month, 100,000 monthly unique, 9-10 K daily unique. The website is bilingual (malay and english)

    I want to sell it for USD 100 for 100,000 impression ( 0.001/impression)

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    and which site will that be?

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    Hmm, a lot of U.S based hosts don't accept credit cards from malaysia, whether the cards are legit or not.
    just my thoughts...

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    Originally posted by silock
    Hmm, a lot of U.S based hosts don't accept credit cards from malaysia, whether the cards are legit or not.
    just my thoughts...
    you didnt read did you?

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    Originally posted by Cruise

    you didnt read did you?
    I think he did read, what me meant was its a maylaysian website so all potential clients would be maylasian, which would be useless since US company cant accept maylaysian cc, not the fact that its bilingual
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    Doesn't 9-10k of uniques a day work out to about 300,000 uniques a month?

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    since when can't us companies accept malaysian CC? why would there be a need to in the first place? CCs are bank centric and controlled by banks. In Asia, we have HSBC and CitiBank... that's good enough. And as if that's not enough, we also have the American Express Bank here in Asia... as in Singapore, Malaysia, and the rest of South East Asia Pacific region.

    Mind you that there are websites {Malaysian} that are not Malaysia centric, meaning they are WorldWide Centric. Best to check out the sites before passing judgements


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    yup, there is a few (or a lot) US websites don't accept credit card from Malaysia, and if you don't accept it, then you dont hanve to advertsie on that website.

    Im a malaysian, and has been a customer for a few US and Canada companies for more than two years without any problem.

    9-10 K unique visitors per day doesnt workout 300 K unique per month, if two visitors visit one particular website today and tomorrow thet visit that website agains plus another one visitor, it means :
    1st day = 2 uniques
    2nd day = 3 uniques
    1st month = 3 uniques (not five uniques)

    anyway you can check the stat here

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    Well I never said that hosts don't accept malaysian CC's, but a lot of hosts have a policy for accepting credit cards from that general area.

    Also Cruise, you didn't think hard did you. Its a malaysian website, where malaysians may go. Therefore, the likelyness of having potential customers from malaysia is high. And since so many U.S based hosts have a policy, a positive (the potential customers) and a negative (the policy against accepting CC's from malaysia) makes a negative.

    OK ?

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    right, If you want to accept Malaysian customers. I'm thinking of giving away FREE 10K impression for anyone who want to accept Malaysian customer.

    FYI, it's a political website, so most of the visitors are (according to early this year survey)- at least have a diploma. 98 % men, 40 % working on IT related industry, well, this is a random survey, so it might not be accurate, for geographical stat, pls check link above

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    Is is Malaysia's top website?
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    well, the world is large, and hence the WorldWideWeb. We do have hosts elsewhere too. Europe, China and Asia. If you have problems with American hosts not abling to accept CCs from Malaysia, {so unpolitically correct for business, not politics!} then, by all means, go find one in Europe, charging in Euro Dollars, or China, or elsewhere. One is never dependent on the other, and one is never indispensable


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