Hello everybody.
As you can see I'm new here and this is my first post.

I was wondering if some of you could help me regarding the reselling thing.

I'm about to start reselling hosting and have everything set up but what I don't get is this.

I have made agrement with the hosting company that this would be as a different hosting company from them.

We have made deals on the price per gig I would be paying them and everything else involved.

I want to own the buisness 100% so that is't mine and that they don't have any stake in it.

I would but the servers and pay all other costs involved.

Now what I don't get is this if let's say 2 years from now I want to move on and not do buisness with them anymore and I want to be on my own how would that work.

I own servers and everything else and it's a different hosting comapny from them. Do I have any comitments so that I would have to stay with them.

Can they in any way screw me up and take my customers away form me or anything else.

They would set the servers up for me in USA in the same data center that their servers are and everything.

But I don't know what is there involved in a hosting company besides the servers hardware and the data center.

How can I find a data center my self to have my servers kept there and maintained I would pay all the expences.

Please all your coments would be apreciated very much.

Any help is very welcomed and very appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Also what am I paying them for if I own everthing 100% they are just setting me up with teh servers which I paid for in a data center because they are all ready doing buisness there.

Do you have any linsk to some information on data centers and how could I set my self up with them.

Also what would be teh normal price for me to pay them per gig of traffic transfered since tht is the deal that I pay them per gig transfered.

This might sound stupid to soem of you but all of us went thur beginers stage what we do now.