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    Who gets to be a security certificate company?

    When it comes to web hosting, there are a lot of hosts out there! You could even put a server in your bedroom and become a self-proclaimed data center. But what's the story on sercurity certificate companies? Are there a million of them as well?

    I am under the impression there are basically two (you know who I mean). I recently found out there is one called I am interested in knowing who qualifies a company as a sercurity certifcate company. Are there anymore out there?

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    thats the 3 i know

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    There are other companies out there that do sell SSL, but most of them are using a chained cert... Kinda like a reseller for hosting

    Main company -> Middle Man - > You..

    Verisign, Thawte, and Geo I know all have root certs, its:
    Main company -> You, unless you want a chained cert
    -Mat Sumpter
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    Are there any disadvantages in a chained cert?

    I'm going to buy a cert in the next few days so this info would be useful


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