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    * Sometimes I crack myself up!

    Link: Click here

    In case you can't read the link, or it is removed... here is what I posted. I crack myself up sometimes... but I bet they ain't laughing :-P Just remember this was to Aletia.... I know I know.. everyone already hates them, but it is so much fun when you can screw with bad businesses.


    A Must Read To Any Customer
    Initial Claim:

    After leaving Aletia Hosting about 4 months ago to a much better hosting provider, I am billed for another year's worth.

    How can this be you ask?

    Well it is a little thing called not informing your billing provider of your non-existing customers or of the accounts that have been cancelled/terminated, and thus committing credit card fraud in the eyes of your bank.

    It gets better?

    If you contact paysystems and ask for a refund, they will TELL you that they are processing it, but if you call back after the 48 HOURS Aletia has to respond, they will tell you that you never filed a dispute claim, and then the whole process starts over again.


    It's simple really. Contact your bank, and sign an affidavit stating that your bank account/credit card has been illegally accessed and that you are 100% disputing the transaction.

    What else can be done to ensure this never happens again?

    Contacting your local Attorney General's office about Aletia Hosting, as well as Nevada's Better Business Bureau is key. Doing this will have serious repercussions. Also informing your bank, and following the steps above will help your case a lot.


    A Former-Customer that wishes Aletia good luck with the United States legal system.

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    Well.... I read it. But I don't see the point of it being posted here... no offense.

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    Point is for people who are looking for a host, to read this and get an idea of what bad hosts can do to you, and the steps to prevent that from happening.

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    In Aletia's defense they were recently bought by another hosting company who is trying to turn things around. Chances are your problem is due to the previous owners not canceling your card at paysystems when you canceled your hosting.

    I am sure the new owners was not aware of what transpired. Now, I know I will get flamed for this post; however, I call them how I see them. I think the new owners do deserve a fair chance to turn the company around...


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    JaguarPC is as far as I know, a reputable guy that is trying to turn the Aletia name around. Don't mind the problems with Aletia as of now without first talking to JaguarPC who is a frequenter to WHT. If you have problems after talking to him, then maybe there is a prob.

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    Amongst aquiring Aletia, Jag is also
    relocating servers to a common DC
    in Houston. There has been problems,
    but overall it is going fairly smooth.
    After drowning in the hosting nightmare,
    I've finally found a host that appears to
    know what he's doing and actually cares
    for his clients. At least for now...

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    Please email us with your site name and order Id so we can correct this obviously overlooked issue. We dont have WHT listed as a means to contact us. If we don't know about a problem we can't fix it so please email my sales and/or billing at either aletia or jag to get this fixed for you.

    Had it not been for a few fellow wht goers pointing out this thread I wouldnt know about this and certainly none of my staff would know.

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